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Alteration and fit out of gym and swimming pool


Hutton Moor Sports Centre

Hutton Moor worked closely with us and their design team to undertake a comprehensive renovation and expansion project while keeping the centre open and running smoothly.

The ambitious works included sensitive internal redesign, major structural support, and significant mechanical and electrical installations.

The project encompassed various areas of the facility. The dance studio was upgraded with a sprung wood floor, mirror wall, and fresh redecoration. Hygiene-grade plastic coating covered the existing spectator benches in the swimming pool area. An area was transformed into a cycling studio, complete with a new ceiling, air conditioning, LED lighting, and wall protection plates.

Internally, the building layout was reconfigured with new partition walls, door openings, and an additional function room. Fire doors were installed for safety, and hygiene sheet cladding was applied to specific areas. Handrails, ramps, LED lighting, and a CCTV system were also installed to enhance accessibility, security, and aesthetics. The exterior was enhanced with the addition of edging cladding.

The transformed facility now offers an improved experience for members, solidifying its position as a premier fitness destination.

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“John West is a super, dependable and professional family owned company. Their workforce are dependable and always work hard to get the work completed in a timely manner. They have worked on a number of projects across the 3 Leisure centres we manage delivering on every occasion to a very high standard.”
Dave Somers, North Somerset Council Contract Manager

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