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Health and Safety

Our dedicated Health and Safety Manager, Alec, has 20 years experience in the construction industry.

Since joining us a few years ago Alec has ensured that our policies and working practices are the most up to date and robust methods of working.

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We take Health and Safety of our team and customers very seriously. We monitor our Health and Safety performance to ensure standards are being met and that management controls are effective.

We regard the promotion of a Health and Safety culture throughout the organisation as a mutual objective of all employees. People are our most important asset. We are committed to the prevention of injuries and ill-health for our own employees, to sub-contractors and others who may be affected by our operations. This commitment extends to the prevention
of damage or loss to property, plant and equipment and to the control of environmental
pollution and product safety.

We take a systematic approach to the identification of potential hazards and the elimination of risk or where this is not possible or practical the allocation of resources to control risk to the lowest possible level.

The continuous development and improvement of a management system which integrates health, safety and welfare into our operations is regarded as essential to achieve business excellence. Contributions and the support of our employees is recognised and encouraged.

We recognise and acknowledge our legal and moral responsibilities for health and safety and will seek to attain the highest possible standards in compliance. The Managing Director has overall responsibility for all aspects of policy and an effective organisational structure will be established and maintained to implement effective control. A competent person with a specific health and safety role will be appointed to provide independent and authoritative advice to all employees and to any other party affected by our activities, to this end we will:

• Fulfil our OH&S legal obligations
• Eliminate hazards or reduce OH&S risks

It is our aim to continually improve our management systems, procedures and performance and in doing so we consult with employees on matters of Health and Safety. Meetings are held in which employees are welcome to attend and comment on subjects. Where opportunities for improvements are recognised, we will set objectives and goals and
monitor progress.

Our health and safety performance is monitored to ensure standards are being met and that the management controls are effective. Revision of our policy will be implemented where a deficiency has been highlighted or when new legislation or business developments requires this.

Environment, waste and sustainability

Our business is founded on our commitment to continually improve the quality of our goods and service, aiming to minimise where possible, the use of resources.


We recognise the damage caused to the environment by fuel use and exhaust emissions, therefore when purchasing new fleet vehicles consideration is given to fuel economy and efficiency, encouraging the use of smaller petrol/hybrid engines or their diesel alternatives. Our current objective is the strategic replacement of petrol and diesel fleet vehicles with electrically powered vehicles. We already have a number of electric vehicles and have installed an electric charging point at our premises. We are also monitoring the progress of Hydrogen-fuelled vehicle development.


We encourage a partnership approach with our suppliers of goods and services, and when purchasing equipment and materials preference is given to environmentally friendly products. Wherever possible we will use materials from sustainable sources and those which can be reused or recycled and high quality with a longer life. We buy locally where possible which minimises transport mileage and packaging used.


It is our policy wherever possible to minimise the generation of waste within our organisation and promote the sourcing of sustainable materials which can be reused or recycled. We operate a system of waste segregation which is removed and disposed of by licensed waste operators who produce reports of its designation and destination.


In house skips – 93% recycled including mixed building waste.
The following categories are zero waste to landfill through various waste disposal companies:
Fluorescent tubes, cardboard, paint, paper, card, metal and plastic packaging, scrap metal and batteries


We recognise the damage caused to the environment by heating emissions and therefore in order to mitigate this, we operate out of a well-insulated building equipped with heat pump, wind turbine and solar PV renewable energy technologies to help meet our clean heating and electricity requirements.

Currently, 65% of our electricity usage is provided, cleanly, by our 5kW wind turbine and 5kW solar PV installations. The remainder of our electricity usage is provided by our 100% renewable energy electricity supplier, who also supplies us currently with 1% green gas (ethically and sustainably sourced from grass cuttings) for our energy-efficient condensing boilers. The residual carbon emissions from the rest of their gas supply are offset by investing in carbon reduction schemes across the globe. We are also monitoring the progress of Hydrogen-fuelled boiler development and on-site battery storage systems.


John West Contractors operate an Integrated Management System (IMS)

Our business is founded on our commitment to continually improve the quality of our goods and service thereby promoting sustainable economic growth and avoid the depletion of natural resources to help maintain an ecological balance.

Integral to achieving success in this endeavour is ensuring compliance with our integrated management system (IMS) which is in line with the current British Standards for Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety and Facilities Management.

Our IMS is subjected to performance evaluations from which we measure our strategic and operational status and continual improvement objectives.

This management system which integrates health, safety and welfare into our operations is regarded as an essential to achieve business excellence.

Contributions and the support of our employees is recognised and encouraged.

Social Values

John West Contractors Ltd aim to carry out our business with integrity, aspiring to the highest standards of health and safety and managing our environmental impacts. We believe that through positively influencing our stakeholders and surrounding environment, we will be able to deliver sustainable construction whilst recognising our corporate responsibilities.

We are a small but important part of the local and regional economy and understand our responsibilities to the smaller tertiary employers that form part of our supply chain. From the ethical way we manage our supplier relationships to the sourcing of sustainable timber we aim to ensure that our practices leave our customers feeling satisfied with our approach to business.

We aim to create a working environment that is safe for all our employees and stakeholders. Our planning and procurement always make the safe completion of works the most important consideration. We aim to foster an environment where our people feel empowered to make decisions on the basis of health and safety, the quality of these decisions is directly related to competence and the level of training provided.


John West Ltd is committed to building an organisation that makes full use of the talents, skills, experience, and different cultural perspectives available in a multi-ethnic and diverse society, and where people feel they are respected and valued, and can achieve their potential regardless of race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origins, sexual orientation, gender, disability or age. We strictly adhere to our Equal Opportunities Policy at all times.


John West invest heavily in training and employee development. We believe in supporting the local community by employing apprentices from local schools and offering work experience placements.


Health and Safety is a main priority for John West, we have an excellent safety record with one of the lowest incidence rates due to the quality and level of H&S training provided, the openness of management and the thoroughness of our planning. We are committed to maintaining and improving upon these high standards to ensure that all employees, subcontractors and those affected by our works remain safe at all times.


John West will work in partnership with our clients to deliver quality products on time with a due regard for safety and our environment. We will work with clients to develop sustainable practices to meet requirements and will endeavour to beat any environment targets set to us by our clients. Our aim is to exceed expectations and forge long-term, trusting relationships with our clients.


John West aim to build excellent community relations on every site, with minimum disruption to local people and businesses. We endeavour to be a positive influence on the community and to support where possible. Examples of this are sponsorship of local sports teams e.g. Burnham BMX club, donations to Children’s Hospice South West and supporting DIY SOS with labour and materials.


John West have a long-established integrated supply chain built upon years of trading with other local companies. The supply chain encourages best practice, a safe working environment and we aspire to improve upon environmental practices at all levels within the chain.

Our Partners

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